Tuesday, 27 December 2016

One last crafty review

It’s the end of the year, time for a quick retrospective.  Most of what I’ve made can be seen here. And you know what? I'm pretty happy with 2016 production.  There's a good balance of knits, quilts and garments. 

The pictures is not quite complete as there are quite a few garments that I haven't blogged about yet: I really want to come back to them especially this dress, this skirt and this top - I'm hoping to take full advantage of Alice's photographic skills to take pictures so I can feature them here.


One of my biggest accomplishment has been for charity: 4 full quilts cut, pieced and quilted, plus a few more where I contributed to the quilting or the biding. Normally, I am a very slow quilter; I might take years to finish even a very small piece, so it has been quite encouraging to realise that I can work faster.


Knitting wise, nothing very spectacular to report but fun and fast projects. I'd love to up my game but the opportunities to wear knitwear are quite limited in Florida.

Mother daughter cowl

Now, shall I risk writing a list of what I would like to accomplish in 2017 (and no, its is not biding!)

- knitting: I know I'll be knitting little baby things and I already know there will be my most loved projects.  I also have the Waiting for Rain shawl to work on, it has been frogged a couple of times, put on the back burner for the moment, but it is second on my queue. I might make a cardigan for myself, I do have a few skeins of a beautiful charcoal yarn. 

- quilting: I still have some long suffering projects that need finishing, we will see how this goes. And I would like to push myself to new horizons, I'm tempted of making 2017 the year I'll embrace improv. 

- dressmaking: I am itching to try new kind of projects: jean-making, sportswear, lingerie, menswear ...  And because I could not resist, I have enrolled to the #sewmystyle project organised by Bluebird Fabrics: 12 months, 12 projects.

PS. this is my last finish for 2016 , the Flax sweater from TincanKnits.


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Best Nine

It's been clear for some time now, Instagram has taken over my social media interactions. I would love to blog as much as I used to (my best years were 2011 and 2012, when we lived in Singapore, when I did do any housekeeping and my kids where taking to bus to school!).  Still I will carry on blogging as long as I can and hope to have a few readers to follow me along.

Surfing on the trend, I’ve done my best nine and here are 2015 and 2016. It's very interesting (for me anyway) to see what attracted Likes. 

2015 - my #hrminiswap, Heather Ross mini swap was obviously a hit as well as the #scrapwrotexqal organised by Crazy Mom Quilts. Also I did post an awful lot (532 pictures!). 


2016: #quiltsforpulse is at the top. I already blogged about this, the Pulse tragedy has been shocking, revolting, but thankfully the Quilt for Pulse drive and the way quilters around the world responded has restored my faith in humanity.  On a more light note, I am delighted to see my #lesfleurs garments, made with #riflepapercofabric, are doing so well.  I am also very happy to see my #zinniaskit on the mosaic, I love this skirt so much.   Finally isn't it nice that's the centre picture is a family picture!


Tell me, what does your Best Nine look like?

Monday, 5 December 2016

A 5 stars celebration!

2 weeks ago, the whole family, children, grand-parents, sisters in law gathered in London to celebrate Alice’s 21st birthday.  It was such a great event. Alice, her best friend and her best friend’s parents organised it all (the perk of living far away, we did not do a thing, just arrived on time to enjoy the party).

Brace yourself for an overload of pictures, but having a professional photographer makes such a difference (I even like pictures of myself :o)

Alice's Party

The party was at the London Rowing Club, which does not look as glamorous under normal circumstances, but add pink lights, fairy lights, gold glasses, black and white table runners and it’s time to party.


Alice's Party3Alice's Party2

Alice's Party4

So just you know, we had a StarStarStarStarStarevening, more fun times the following days as we were staying for Thanksgiving too (our French family, celebrating an American holiday, in England at an Asian restaurant).

BTW, I’ll have to come back to this red dress, because I love everything about it.