Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Country Music and Cowboy boots – our escape to Nashville

There’s no denying it, I LOVE Nashville, the show.  So of course, I had to go to Nashville ‘for real’.  My Dear Husband took us there for Memorial Day (OK Juliette actually followed unwillingly, rolling her eyes as I was getting over excited :o).

I was expecting Country music in every little restaurant, cowboy hats, short shorts paired with cowgirl boots and lots of sparkles… and I was not disappointed.  I had so much fun in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (and Juliette still rolling her eyes – please Mum, could you be less excited).  I did not buy any boots though as I don’t wear shorts.  But I don’t know how long I will hold on, I think there’s a pretty big boot shop in Orlando.

Nothing excessive! Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac – Oh so kitsch Dolly Parton’s dress – White feathers and glitter, again nothing excessive – flowers-everywhere-and-on-my-butt scene costume!

Random guy reciting the Bible – a few interesting Tshirts (the bottom left reads ‘Keep calm and carry guns’) – short shorts/short dress and cowboy boots – my lonesome cowboy

One disappointment though, I really really wanted to go to Craft South, but it only opens at the end of May.  I’m sure I can enlist a few friends to go to a week-end long workshop there (anything that starts with ‘Friday evening cocktails & snacks with students and instructors’ can only be good).  We drove in the 12 South area where Craft South is located.  It is such a lovely place, a bit ‘hipster’, it looks like a peaceful community.

Sunday, we decided to explore the countryside and drove up to Old Mulkey Meeting House State Park in Kentucky.  I always enjoy a road-trip and honestly we did it in style – did I mention that we rented a pick-up truck (a bit over the top?).  I spotted several barns ornamented with barn quilt (check out the Kentucky Quilt Trail Project).  The landscape reminded me a bit of my home countryside, very hilly, very green, small herds of cattle.

And finally, Monday after a morning of revisions (Biology and Chinese), we went and had lunch at Puckett’s in Franklin: good food, great atmosphere, pretty little old town centre!

Do you really have to go home?!…

Oh! can we keep the truck?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Me Made May

I came across the ‘MeMadeMay’ event some years ago and always wanted to join but felt that I did not had enough homemade garments for a whole month.  So this year I decided that although I will not take the pledge I was going to participate one way or the other.

So if you follow me on Instragram, this is what I wore for the first week of May.  It’s a mix of sewed, knitted or beaded things.

Screen Captures

From now on, I’m not sure whether I will post more outfits – apart from a couple of knitted tops, a dress that does not fit properly and a skirt that need to be modified, this is the extend of my MeMade wardrobe.

However, Karen from the Fringe Association made a different pledge : she pledges to make one garment per week for the month of May (btw, go and visit her blog, she is a super talented knitter).  I’m not quite sure I will be able to make one piece of clothing every week, but I kind of like the idea.  So last Thursday, I made one top – Sorbetto from Colette Pattern.  Just google, or search on Pinterest and you will see so many versions of this cute simple top.

SorbettoI used some Pretty Potent voile from Anna-Maria Horner.  The voile is gorgeously soft, I love the vivid colour – I will need more of this…

Now should I point this out or shouldn’t I? I’m pretty crossed with myself for not centring the pattern properly!  Can you see it?..

This week, I’m making a skirt.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

London Express

I had some kind of surreal week-end.

I went to England for some meetings at Victor’s school.

I left Friday night.  Luckily I had a direct flight from Orlando to Gatwick – not the quietest flight though – the plan was full of kids overexcited after some good time with Mickey and friends (so many stuffed animals were travelling too).  The flight was delayed so I arrived in Gatwick 2 hours late on Saturday morning, no time to get change or get some coffee and I had already missed the first meeting.

Anyway, I managed to see all of Victor’s teachers, Victor following me with cups of coffee in order to keep some brain waves going.

After this we drove to London to have dinner with Alice, then off to bed for a few hours, back to the airport on Sunday morning, another direct flight to Orlando which arrived on time, so I had enough time to drive to Rollins for Juliette’s final concert.

All of this in less than 48 hours!

London Express

As I said – SURREAL – now I’m feeling that my head is full of mushy thoughts, no concentration whatsoever and I have to catch up with some laundry.

Monday, 4 May 2015

language, lingo and use of words that goes on my nerves

I think I am turning into a ‘grumpy old woman’, but just let me point out a few words’ usages that make me cringe.

reframe the narrative
blah blah and more blah

in this day and age
what’s wrong with the good old ‘nowadays’

Wow just wow
use words, proper words, you’re not a 2-year old

across the board
what does that mean anyway?

I don’t want to offend you, but…
but, I’m going to do it anyway

I need counter space
for what?  how many people really cook from scrap?

Lets touch base
I didn’t realised until recently that was a reference to baseball…

I want to be a role model for my kids
no,I don’t want to be a role model, I just want to be me so my kids can be themselves too

I told you, G R U M P Y, I am a grumpy old woman…

Friday, 1 May 2015

Recording my life in pictures

I can’t believe that April is over, that the American school year is almost done (my British kids are on until the beginning of July).  It sounds so silly to say things like this…but I had the feeling that I haven’t done much in April, and then I went through my pictures.  Actually I’ve been pretty busy.

  • Wild life spotting
  • Moving out and moving in
  • Sending Juliette to her first prom
  • Quilting and socks knitting
  • Doodling – trying to make this a daily routine, but I’m not there yet
  • Laughing while going through old pictures

Lake Eola  InstagramJuliette's PromInstagram2Daily doodles  Instagram1

I know May is going to be soooo busy, but I’m ready… bring it on.